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Title: Cyclops
Type: Theater (2016)
Genre: Ancient Tragedy
Credits: Music & Sound Design
Directed by: Stephen Diacrussi
Produced by: American Thymele Theatre

Listen to the soundtrack here

Title: With Over 2 Pieces of Luggage
Type: Theater (2011)
Genre: Comedy
Music & Sound Design
Directed by: Alex Malaos
Produced by: Greek Cultural Center

Title: Preying For Mercy
Type: TV Movie (2014)
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Music & Sound Design
Directed by: Bill Duke
Produced by: Bill Duke, Jason Gladstone
Starring: Martha Byrne (2 Time Emmy Award Winner)

Watch the full movie here.
Preying For Mercy on IMDb

Title: NiteClub Ratings
Type: Reality TV (2013)
Credits: Music (season 1, episodes 3,5,9,10,12,13)
Directed by: David Wenzel

Watch the full show here.
NiteClub Ratings on IMDb